Bodger Floral Flag Fine Art Print Mug


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This was photographed using high-tech equipment that I have been working with since 1997. It has been the basis for my business using a pod that reaches the height of 50 feet. I am able to achieve any angle I see through my photographic vision. High-ranking officials at Vandenburg Air Force Base, California, dedicated the growth of this floral flag on Flag Day 2001 in memory of September 11.

My inspiration for taking this photograph came from within, knowing and feeling what every American felt on that tragic day. I believe this floral flag signifies the love and inspiration of freedom. To use the Earth’s soil for this shows there is hope in people coming together for good. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Bodger Seed Ltd. for planting this flag. In my heart, I believe only good can come from this. To plant a seed and then water it means growth, and as a nation, so must we grow and help others to grow. Home grown in the U.S.

God Bless America!

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